Corrosive Resistant Industrial Modular Ladders

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The ADD-A-STEP® packs, whether for use as a sewer ladder or for general contexts, can be transported in a lift or by crane, and assembled at the top or at the foot of a structure.

This light weight ladder range was designed for the access entry market and are approved for use in potable water, waste water, storm water, water tank, highly corrosive and general construction applications.

ADD-A-STEP®’s efficient, modular range has been designed for a range of applications. Moreover, this product can be supplied off the shelf for immediate delivery. ADD-A-STEP® is manufactured from different types of engineering polymers depending on the application. These modular ladders are now a leader in the access entry market.

Ideal for sewer, potable water tanks, storm water access

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ISL provides a range of products designed to assist workers in a variety of industries. In addition, our yellow ladders are suitable for use in corrosive, chemically aggressive and hazardous environments.

We also provide a range of step irons and corrosive resistant industrial ladders for potable water tanks and storm water access. Manufactured to the same stringent standards as our sewer ladder, these are convenient and lightweight products for your business.

Benefits of our light weight ADD-A-STEP ladders:

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What are the benefits of using this product, you ask? Please keep reading.

  • It is modular and can be transported over long distances more economically than fully assembled ladders
  • It does not have to be measured prior to order and can be made up to any length on site as required.
  • The ADD-A-STEP® packs – be it for use as a sewer or stormwater ladder or for use in any general building application – can be transported in a lift or by a crane and assembled at the top or the foot of a structure or anywhere in between.
  • There is no maintenance required other than occasional cleaning with a pressure hose if desired.
  • It has excellent insulation properties so it can be used in applications where electrical cables are present.
  • For businesses looking for industrial ladders for storm water or potable water tanks access, our blue ladders are suitable for use in potable water.
  • The fibre reinforced plastic materials used are UV tolerant and corrosive resistant.
  • Contractors and Water Authorities will have major benefits regarding OH&S issues particularly weight. At approx. 5Kg per meter the ladder is significantly lighter than steel or stainless steel.

A Fully Tested Alternative to Steel

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The design of the ADD-A-STEP® modular ladder enables it to meet stringent performance standards. All the components are manufactured in an Australian quality controlled manufacturing facility.

The ADD-A-STEP® modular ladder passes all the tests required by the Water Authorities to meet their special performance requirements.ADD-A-STEP® also conforms to the requirements of EN14396-2004 and AS1657-2018.

Raw materials used in the production of the ladder are sourced only from leading global suppliers who comply with international standards. The injection moulding process employed to manufacture the modules is computer controlled to exacting tolerances.

A colour-coding system is utilised to ensure the appropriate ladder type is used in the correct application.

Industrial Steps & Ladders is a Quality Assured Supplier. The quality manual and procedures are audited annually and certified by Bureau Veritas Australia. AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015

The package

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The modular ladder system was designed to provide a product that could be supplied off the shelf for next day delivery.

ADD-A-STEP® is manufactured from different types of engineering polymers. Each module of the ladder consists of two stiles, one rung and two retaining clips. Each stile measures 360mm long, 80mm wide and 32mm thick maximum dimension. The ladder width outside the stiles (uprights) is 440mm and it weighs approximately 5kg per lineal metre.

Perfect for use as sewer ladders, this corrosive resistant product has 30mm diameter rungs at 300mm centre spacing and the width or foot space inside the stiles is 380mm. The ladder is assembled on site using the number of modules required to achieve any length.

Each ladder box measures 430mm long x 360mm wide x 190mm high and contains three metres of ladder and three bracket sets. Any number of modules can be purchased.

The ADD-A-STEP® system offers supply off the shelf for a next day delivery.

Ladder Types

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A yellow sewerage modular ladder.
Sewerage – Yellow

Coloured yellow and light weight, recommended for use in chemically aggressive locations such as sewer manholes.

A blue Pottable Water Modular Ladder.
Potable water – Blue

Coloured blue and recommended for use with potable water immersion situations such as water towers, storm water and drinking water tanks.

A black Building and Construction Modular Ladder.
Building & Construction – Black

Coloured black and recommended for use in building and construction, particulary where the ladder is exposed to ultra-violet light.

Ask about our ladders today

If you require a light weight industrial ladders for access to sewer, potable water tanks and storm water, contact us today at 1300 737 554 and ask about our range of ladders for your company’s needs.

Download Our Brochure

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This brochure describes the range of ADD-A-STEP® ladders and their very practical benefits in potable water, wastewater, corrosive and general industrial and construction applications.

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Download Assembly Instructions

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Looking for a hard-copy version of the assembly instructions? You can download it by clicking the link below.

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