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Industrial Steps & Ladders

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Industrial Steps & Ladders are Australia’s leaders in plastic modular ladders and plastic encapsulated step irons for all access entryways and commercial applications.

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Quality Certified

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The quality manual and procedures are audited annually and certified by Bureau Veritas Australia to AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2015.

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Available Australia-Wide

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ADD-A-STEP® and Sure–Step are available for prompt delivery to Australian and International markets

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Made in Australia

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All our commercial and Industrial ladders are designed and manufactured in Australia

  • Modular Ladder

ADD-A-STEP® modular ladders are designed for the access entry market and are approved for use in waste or potable water, in highly corrosive or general construction applications. These industrial ladders are designed to be supplied off the shelf for immediate delivery.

  • Sure-Step®
  • Step Iron

Sales of step irons commenced in 1994 by ISL’s predecessor company. The technology of these products was based entirely on galvanised steel. Using a combination of galvanised steel and superior engineering polymers, Sure-Step® is the result of the development from 2001 to meet the future market and standards for step irons. Our Sure-Step® product complies with EN13101-2002 and AS1657-2018

  • Stanchion

Fully integrated with the ADD-A-STEP® ladder system, the ADD-A-STEP® Stanchions are available in stainless or galvanised steel, designed to suit manholes from 1.200 metre deep.

Specialists in Commercial Safety and Industrial Ladders

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We take pride in being an innovative engineering manufacturing company. We aim to bring technological advancements to the full range of our products. Industrial Steps and Ladders distinguishes itself through our dedication to always sourcing the very highest quality of components and materials, and using only the most advanced commercial techniques and skilled labour.

Whether your work takes you into chemically aggressive environments or you require safe, access to your work area, our range is sure to impress.

Dedicated to Offering the Most Reliable Commercial Ladders for the Access Entry Market

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We aim to make it easier for businesses, across industries and the country, to work with the very best access products available on the market. Whatever the specific nature of your job, if your work takes you into areas with a corrosive environment or electrical service pits our products are the ideal choice.

The ADD-A-STEP® modular ladders and Sure-Step® step irons have been designed for durability and longevity.

They have been approved for use in access entryways where factors such as potable water, wastewater and highly corrosive materials require a ladder that can handle the toughest conditions.

Maintenance for our products is minimal, with only a hose-down using a pressure washer required to stay clean. Our industrial ladders’ polymer construction makes them extremely corrosion-resistant without sacrificing weight-bearing capabilities, making them a convenient and long-lived option for assets in even the harshest environments.

Work with a Company Who Understands the Demands of Your Business

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For over two decades, Industrial Steps and Ladders has been a leading innovator in the access engineering industry. Initially established in Perth in 2001, we’ve since grown to service clients across Australia and the globe. If you’re looking for commercial ladders to suit your needs and help your business accomplish its goals, do not hesitate to contact us and begin a discussion with our professionals today.

Why Choose Us?

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  1. Sure-Step stepirons are manufactured using galvanised steel and high quality polymers.
  2. Supply throughout Australia and Overseas.
  3.  ADD-A-STEP Ladders are made of high performance engineering polymers.
  • Strong & Durable
  • All plastic waste is recycled
  • Non corrosive
  • Light weight
  • Made in Australia
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To speak to one of our helpful and friendly staff, call 1300 737 554

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