Sure-Step® Step Iron

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As a result using a combination of galvanised steel and superior engineering polymers, Sure-Step® is the result of the development through 2001 to meet the future market and standards.

The Leader in Corrosive Resistant Step Irons for Stormwater Sewers

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Sales of steps commenced in 1994 by ISL’s predecessor company. The technology of these products was based entirely on galvanised steel. In 1998 the company developed a galvanised steel and polypropylene composite product which provided improved corrosion resistance, but would not meet the higher BS EN 13101:2002 and AS1657:2018 standard required of step irons today. As a result using a combination of high strength galvanised steel and superior engineering polymers, Sure-Step® is the result of the development through 2010 to meet the future market and standards for sewer step irons.

The benefits of talking to us about plastic encapsulated step irons

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  • Correct selection of high performance materials provides Sure-Step® with superior loading properties.
  • Greater resistance to corrosion than conventional stormwater step irons.
  • All components are manufactured in Australia thereby providing security of supply.
  • The design incorporates a non slip tread and resistance to side slippage.
  • No painting or other protective coating required.
  • Products can ultimately be recycled.
  • Comprehensive Product Range.

The Sure-Step® package for safety when working in stormwater drains and sewers

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The Sure-Step® step iron was designed to provide a product that could be supplied off the shelf for next day delivery.

There are 4 sizes of the Fully Encapsulated Sure-Step® products available.

The following chart provides details of the various sizes and their dimensions.

Sure-Step® is despatched in boxes of 10 on a standard pallet with a maximum of 84 boxes.

Product Code - YellowMO51MO52MO53MO54
Hole Centres (A) nominal400mm375mm286mm225mm
Overall Width (W)425mm400mm311mm250mm
Exposed Leg Length (L)175mm175mm175mm175mm
Embedded Leg Length (E)70mm70mm70mm70mm
Diameter (D)26mm26mm26mm26mm

An Alternative to Steel

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The design of the Sure-Step® plastic encapsulated step iron enables it to meet stringent performance standards. All the components are manufactured in an Australian quality controlled manufacturing facility.

The Sure-Step® step iron is approved by a number of prominent Water Authorities globally, including the MRWA, to meet their special performance requirements for use in sewerage applications in Melbourne.

Raw materials used in the production of Sure-Step® are sourced only from leading global suppliers who comply with international standards.

The injection moulding process used to manufacture the product components is computer controlled to exacting tolerances.

Industrial Steps & Ladders is a Quality Assured Supplier. The quality manual and procedures are audited annually and certified by Bureau Veritas Australia to AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2015

Design & Manufacturing

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Sure-Step® has been designed for the following applications

  • factory fit pre-cast concrete
  • fitted or fixed into concrete manholes onsite during construction
  • fitted into pre-cast manholes and secured at the construction site into ferrules cast into the manholes

Sure-Step® is manufactured from engineering polymers with a continuous central galvanised steel support for the full length of the step iron.

The fully encapsulated Sure-Step® side arm and rung section is 26mm (nominal) square.

The 70mm embedment length is delineated by a change to a ribbed and rounded profile being 26mm (nominal) diameter. The embedment length is required to meet the pull-out resistance load required in EN13101:2002 and AS1657-2018.

Each side arm has a 20 mm high raised section at the rung end to prevent side slippage. The rung has a grooved non – slip pattern moulded into the tread to limit frontal and rear slippage.

Sure-Step® is marked with the trade name and the relevant standard and date of manufacture on the rung.

The Sure-Step® polymer overlay component is manufactured using a computer controlled injection moulding process.

As the overlay process is semi-automatic every Sure-Step® product is inspected for quality conformance at the manufacturing and packing stage of the process.

Sure-Step® has been designed to be used in stormwater, sewerage and other general access applications. The design of Sure-Step® was optimised to offer a high quality product at a competitive price

Plastics – Materials for the Future

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Plastics are one of the most resource efficient and versatile materials available to society and make a significant contribution to achieving the goals of sustainable development.

Products made from plastics provide an affordable alternative to traditional materials and give the community access to a higher standard of living. ISL has harnessed this versatile material to deliver a new, lighter range of corrosive resistant ladders alongside our Sure-Step® range.

Importantly the plastics industry helps to save resources, fossil fuel and energy. Plastic products also save water and preserve food.

Plastics only consume a small fraction of the world’s oil as feedstock – just 4%.

Plastics are too valuable to waste after serving a useful life. Plastics can either be recycled or used as an alternative fuel.

Plastic waste has a calorific value at least equal to coal and with lower CO2 emissions.

Two types for various applications

Fully Encapsulated

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A yellow sewage step iron.

Sewage – Yellow

Recommended for use in chemically agressive locations such as sewer access chambers.

Partially Encapsulated

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400mm Boltin Storm Water – Yellow

400mm Brickin Sewer or Storm Water – Yellow

Download Our Brochure

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This brochure describes the range of Sure-Step® individual rung ladders and their many practical benefits in sewerage and storm water applications.

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Download Assembly Instructions

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