Safety Step Ladders

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Industrial Steps and Ladders provide the highest quality in safety ladders, Australia-wide. We understand the perils of the industry and each step ladder we manufacture is built to withstand intense conditions.

Falls from heights are a common workplace hazard, which can result in death and injury. Ladder usage is considered a high-risk activity and it is important to use only the very best equipment. A ladder should be chosen based on its safety and stability features, and made from sturdy load-bearing materials.

We are a Quality Assured Supplier, giving all our clients peace-of-mind knowing that our products meet rigorous testing standards. We source our materials from leading global suppliers, each of whom comply with international standards. Our products are then manufactured with a computer controlled moulding process, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

As an Australian-owned engineering company, you can trust us to provide services and products of the very highest standards. We take pride in our approach to safety and step ladders, leading the industry in terms of innovation and manufacturing standards. Established after seeing a gap in the market, we have grown to be Australia’s leading suppliers for industrial and mining applications.

Australia-wide, we supply the very best safety and step ladders. Wherever you are located in the country, contact us today on 1300 737 554. We can help your business improve the safety of your operation with our range of ladders and accessories. Talk to us today and we can tailor a solution for your individual requirements.

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To learn more about our safety step ladders, call 1300 737 554

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