Light Weight Stanchions for Steel Water Tank Ladders

The ADD–A–STEP Stanchion has been designed to offer the following benefits in accessing a confined space where the ADD–A–STEP ladder has been installed. In particular such applications as sewer pump stations and manholes where engineering has specified retractable handrails.

The Benefits of the ADD-A–STEP Stanchion

  • Fully integrated with the ADD-A-STEP ladder system
  • Designed to allow safer access
  • Ease of installation – utilises the ADD-A-STEP fitment process
  • Incorporates specially designed bracket features
  • Is available in stainless steel or galvanized steel

ADD–A–STEP Stanchions are ideal for water tank ladders, providing a light weight safety feature for slippery steel rungs. Industrial Steps and Ladders are ladder specialists, understanding the ideal solution for every industrial application, whether required for mining or construction.

We take pride in providing the highest standard products to all our customers, across a wide range of sectors. As a Quality Assured Supplier, you can be assured that we provide the very best ladders and stanchions. We help to reduce the safety risks by manufacturing top-quality Stanchions and precautionary equipment, helping businesses comply with OH&S regulations and keep your staff safe.

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Installation Guide

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